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17:49 UPDATE: Dollar/Yen down -0.18% @ 123.9690 SMW
17:34 UPDATE: Pound/Dollar up 0.24% @ 1.5632 SMW
17:19 UPDATE: Euro/Dollar up 0.93% @ 1.1034 SMW
17:04 UPDATE: Euro/Pound up 0.57% @ 0.7049 SMW
17:03 Lloyds Banking Group Plc Ord FTSE 100 ends July with fourth day of gains SMW
17:00 Most Traded Stocks by Value at 17:00 SMW
16:49 UPDATE: Dollar/Yen down -0.21% @ 123.9310 SMW
16:34 UPDATE: Pound/Dollar up 0.24% @ 1.5631 SMW
16:29 Phoenician Corporation IV operating losses rise SMW
16:24 Martin Currie Pacific Trust Public Limited Company Martin Currie Pacific Trust name change SMW
16:22 Capita Group (the) Plc Capita signs mortgage contract with Co-op Bank SMW
16:19 UPDATE: Euro/Dollar up 1.10% @ 1.1052 SMW
16:16 Enegi Oil Plc Oil & Gas Sector: Enegi up as JV signs 'final SMW
16:04 UPDATE: Euro/Pound up 0.85% @ 0.7069 SMW
16:02 Diamondcorp Plc Mining Sector: DiamondCorp falls on slower than SMW
16:02 Market Movers - Top risers and fallers between SMW
16:00 Market Movers - Top risers and fallers at 16:00 SMW
16:00 Most Traded Stocks by Value at 16:00 SMW
15:58 Nighthawk Energy Plc Nighthawk to recommence drilling SMW
15:53 Anglesey Mining Plc Anglesey Mining losses narrow SMW
15:49 UPDATE: Dollar/Yen down -0.33% @ 123.7810 SMW
15:36 F&c Managed Portfolio Trust Plc F&C Managed Portfolio in equity issue SMW
15:34 UPDATE: Pound/Dollar up 0.14% @ 1.5615 SMW
15:30 Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust Aberdeen Japan IT in equity issue SMW
15:19 UPDATE: Euro/Dollar up 1.38% @ 1.1082 SMW
15:18 B&m European Value Retail B&M European Value Retail resolutions passed at SMW
15:11 Ceb Resources CEB Resources schedules AGM SMW
15:08 UoM inflation forecast at 2.8% SMW
15:06 UoM consumer sentiment falls to 93.1 SMW
15:04 UoM consumer sentiment rises dips SMW
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